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Young Scientist Travel Awards (YSTA)

Banner EUSAAT 2015 / Linz 2015 Congress
To promote sustainability of the 3R principles of Russel & Burch into Science of the 21st Century, EUSAAT wants to support the participation of as many young scientists as possible from different countries in the EUSAAT 2015 Congress by providing a special financial support:
Young scientists up to 35 years, in essence graduate-, postgraduate- or PhD-students may submit an abstract until 31st May 2015. In addition, they have to complete an application for for the YSTA, and to provide a document proving that they are inscribed as students at an established institution.
A Sub-Committee of the Scientific Committee of the EUSAAT 2015 Congress will evaluate all incoming YSTA applications according to three criteria,
(i) 3R relevance
(ii) scientific value
(iii) ranking within other YSTA applications.
According to the level of sponsoring achieved for YSTA, as many applications possible, meeting criteria (i) and (ii) will receive travel support in-kind as waiving of the congress fee and 3/4 nights free accommodation.
In addition, since many of the abstracts submitted together with YSTA applications might be submitted as posters, or selected by the Scientific Committee to be presented as posters, EUSAAT 2015 will hold a special "Young Scientists Session" where the best YASTA submissions can be presented as short oral presentations.
The best of the presentations of this session will receive an EUSAAT 2015 Diploma plus a financial gratification.

Application form for the YSTA
Submission form for abstracts.
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foto of the Unicenter at the University of Linz the congress venue

Topics / tentative sessions & co-chairs

New technologies: systems biology, -omics technologies, stem cells, 3D models & human-on-a-chip
(coordinators/co-chairs: Ellen Fritsche, Jürgen Hescheler, Uwe Marx)
International progress in 3Rs' research
 Global cooperation on implementing the 3Rs
(coordinators/co-chairs: Dave Allen, Hajime Kojima, Troy Seidle)
Replacement – new approaches
(coordinators/co-chairs: Mardas Daneshian, Candida Nastrucci, Stefanie Schindler)
Predictive toxicology & risk assessment based on the AOP concept
(coordinators/co-chairs: Joao Barroso, Anna Price, Tzutzuy Ramirez)
Specific toxicological endpoints: oral & repeated-dose toxicity, inhalation toxicity, sensitization, reprotox
 (coordinators/co-chairs: Joao Barroso, Rodger Curren, Eleonore Haltner, Claus-Michael Lehr, Helena Kandarova, Klausrudolf Schroeder)
Efficacy and safety testing of drugs, biological and vaccines
(coordinators/co-chairs: Tuula Heinonen, Conraad Hendricksen, Gerhard Püschel)
Disease models
(coordinators/co-chairs: Ralf Claus, Andreas Hocke, Peter Reinhardt)
Ethical and legal issues & EU Dir 63/2010 update
(coordinators/co-chairs: Herwig Grimm, Roman Kolar, Susanna Louhimies)
Refinement & welfare, culture of care, best practice approaches, avoidance of severe suffering
(coordinators/co-chairs: Robert Landsiedel, Susanna Louhimies, Katy Taylor)
3Rs in education and academia
(coordinators/co-chairs: Ellen Fritsche, Monika Schaefer-Korting, Marcel Leist)
"Young scientists" session
  Free communications
 (coordinators/co-chairs: Lucia Li, Manfred Liebsch, Joachim Wiest)

Oral presentations and posters can be submitted for all topics / tentative sessions

To submit your abstract for oral presentation or poster please use the ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM!

Scientific Committee


Horst Spielmann, FU-Berlin, D-Berlin (Head of the Scientific Committee)
Ellen Fritsche, IUF, D-Düsseldorf
Manfred Liebsch, ecopa, D-Königs-Wusterhausen


Eleonore Haltner-Ukomadu, EUSAAT, Across Barriers GmbH, D-Saarbrücken
Candida Nastrucci, EUSAAT, University of Tor Vergata Rome, I-Roma
Stefanie Schindler, EUSAAT, Animalfree Research, CH-Bern


David Allen, ASCCT, ILS & NICEATM, USA-Research Triangle Park
Joao Barroso, European Commission Joint Research Centre and EURL ECVAM, I-Italy
Rodger Curren, IIVS, USA-Gaithersburg
Mardas Daneshian, CAAT Europe, D-Konstanz
ECHA representative, SF-Helsinki
Herwig Grimm, Messerli Research Institute, A-Vienna
Tuula Heinonen, SSCT, SF-Tampere
Coenraad Hendriksen, ACT, RIVM, NL-Bilthoven
Helena Kandarova, SETOX, MatTek IVLSL, SK-Bratislava
Hajime Kojima, JSAAE, JPN-Tokio
Roman Kolar, Animal Welfare Academy, D-Neubiberg
Robert Landsiedel, BASF, D-Ludwigshafen
Claus-Michael Lehr, HIPS, D- Saarbrücken
Susanna Louhimies, DG Environment, European Commission, B-Brussels
Klausrudolf Schröder, BioMed zet Life Science GmbH, A-Linz
Troy Seidle, Humane Society International, CA-Montréal
Katy Taylor, BUAV, UK-London
Joachim Wiest, cellasys GmbH, D-Munich

Congress office and further information

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